TdA covers its events with 2 new Fly-aways from BTESA

//TdA covers its events with 2 new Fly-aways from BTESA

TdA covers its events with 2 new Fly-aways from BTESA

The national TV broadcaster Télédiffusion d’Algérie is already using 2 portable Ku-band satellite systems delivered by BTESA.

BTESA’s experience as a systems integrator has been the key for designing a compact and rugged solution, allowing easy transport in suitcases suitable for air transport, well-protected electrically, and optimizing the deployment of equipment for its operation.

The transmission chain uses H.264/H.265 encoders to transmit HD/UHD signals, in 1+1 redundant configuration, 400W amplifiers (also redundant) and a 1.5m diameter antenna with auto-tracking. For reception, it integrates an IRD and a big 18.5” monitor.

Additionally, measurement equipment (spectrum analyzer, transport stream analyzer), configuration equipment (laptop PC, IP switch), and operating accessories (electrical cable reels, HD video cable, and tool cases) were also delivered.

BTESA mechanical systems engineering has actively collaborated to improve the portability of the system, proposing several possible distributions in terms of the number of fly-cases and weight of each box, reaching a compromise solution in which no box exceeds 35kg, and adding wheels and handles for easy transport.

On the other hand, BTESA’s electrical systems engineering has added several improvements to the basic requirements of the client, designing a very robust power distribution system equipped with the necessary protections to guarantee the service. All the equipment installed in a fly-case has been connected to a single electrical outlet so that the procedure of connection of all the equipment to the common AC input panel during deployment is faster. Said panel has circuit breakers for all its sockets, so that everything is protected against the usual AC mains surges in temporary deployments.

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