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 SSPA: BTESA R&D team of engineers, employing 30% of the staff, is our key asset, combining experts in all areas necessary to design a SSPA: radiofrequency, electricity, FPGA programming, fluid dynamics, electronic circuits, software and mechanical design. Thus, each and every component of the SSPA is designed in house, from transistor circuit to the liquid cooling system, control logic and RF combiners. Even the power supplies!

TURN-KEY: BTESA System Engineering department, with its vast experience gained through the installation of RF equipment that should work 24/7 in the most extreme environments, is able to undertake and successfully manage any project, either with tube or with solid state technology, comprising both hardware and software, including projects of scientific institutions with strict requirements regarding quality and project documentation.

 MANUFACTURING: BTESA factory was built in 2008 and accommodates, in its 8.000 m2, both electronic soldering and electro-mechanical assembly, as well as testing areas which enjoy the most updated measurement instruments and auxiliary equipment such as liquid cooling circuits, climatic chambers and thermal cameras. The whole process of design, manufacturing and testing is carried out in the same location allowing control of the deadlines and quality.