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Broadcast is the core sector of BTESA and, as a Systems Integrator, the design and installation of Digital TV Headends plays an important role in our business. The engineering department counts with specialised personnel and long experience with TV Headends equipment. Every project is different, and choosing the right product is key to help our clients succeed. This is why at BTESA, we work with a wide range of products and manufacturers, looking for the best fit to our clients’ needs.

From Contribution to Distribution, we provide End to End solutions:

  • Desing and Testing
  • Installation and Comissioning (FAT and SAT)
  • Training (remote and onsite)
  • Maintenance

On top of fulfilling our client needs, at BTESA we care for the quality of our work. Some points we always take into account when designing a new Headend project are the following:

  • Scalability: Both the design and the equipment, must be able to evolve and overcome future needs from Broadcasters and Network Operators.
  • Robustness: Top-brand equipment that offers high availability, guaranteeing our clients delivery of their services.
  • Redundancy: A design that ensures network’s operation in the event of equipment failure. Switching the signal autonomously to a standby device if the primary fails.
  • Control: Information is key, hence our design always provides monitoring tools. Gathering all information under our NMS solution (enlace) is the best practice to simplify network monitoring, troubleshooting and specific SLA-reporting.
  • Documentation: Every project has to be delivered with clear documentation. This is essential for furutre operation and maintenace of the equipment/netowrk. Therefore BTESA has a modular tool to build up documentation from the beginning of every project.