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BTESA’s Environmental Management System has been implemented as laid down in international standard ISO 14001 certification. This commitment, shared by all the personnel that makes up BTESA, is showed up in all departments and it covers any scope of activity: from the design of the equipment’s with the use of high efficiency technologies, going through an efficient use of available resources, even the responsible management of the waste generated.

Our facilities have also been designed seeking sustainability and the best use of available natural resources. Since 2010, BTESA has had a photovoltaic solar power plant capable of generating 40Kw (peak)

Additionally, and since last March 2022, a new photovoltaic solar power plant has been implemented thanks to the Help of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEUwhose useful reflection surface exceeds 100 m2 and it has the capacity to generate more than 80kw (peak), for BTESA’s own consumption.


The people who are part of the BTESA staff are its main asset. Our Health and Safety at Workplace Policy reflects the Management’s commitment to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for its workers, a commitment that begins with the implementation of an Occupational Risk Prevention policy.

Likewise, BTESA is fully focused on achieving equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in the company and eliminating any discrimination based on sex. For this purpose, BTESA has developed and implemented an Equality Plan which includes all the actions taked and that have been implemented in each and every one of the areas of our firm.

BTESA System Engineering department, with its vast experience gained through the installation of RF equipment that should work 24/7 in the most extreme environments, is able to undertake and successfully manage any project, either with tube or with solid state technology, comprising both hardware and software, including projects of scientific institutions with strict requirements regarding quality and project documentation.