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Albentia Systems is the Spanish leading provider of Broadband Wireless solutions. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Madrid (Spain), Albentia Systems leverages its strong IP and systems expertise on a significant R&D effort to develop IEEE802.16-based innovative solutions for Access and Backhauling applications.

Albentia’s R&D teams benefit from a confirmed experience in some of the world’s most renowned and challenging research labs. This dynamic group of engineers paves the way for our customers in the deployment of the industry’s most advanced communications systems.

Albentia designs and manufactures complete systems, including base stations and Customer premises equipment (CPE). With a broad experience in IP systems and applications, large R & D efforts are made to develop innovative solutions based on WiMAX, with a focus on applications with Quality of Service requirements such as TDM, VoIP and video.

Albentia Systems S.A
Parque Leganes Tecnológico
c/ Margarita Salas, 22
28918, Leganés (Madrid).
Tel.: +34 91 440 0213
Fax: +34 91 440 0569