Flyaways and Sat Uplinks 2023-11-07T06:31:12+00:00


When large areas need to be covered, reaching places with little or no terrestrial infrastructure (by fiber, radio links, telephony…), or having urgent access to communication networks in emergency situations, the best option are Satellite Communication systems.

The design of earth stations must take into account the client’s needs and the variety and quantity of services that will be required (TV and radio services, DTH, IP and broadband connectivity, corporate networks…). BTESA’s engineering department has wide experience in the designing and supplying of turnkey satellite teleports, from the foundation of the antenna to its approval by the different satellite operators. To this end, we have different agreements with specific manufacturers of this type of equipment (signal encoding,encryption, modulation and frequency conversion, amplification and satellite dishes).

BTESA supplies fixed earth stations covering all satellite frequency bands (C, Ku, DBS, Ka…)

Likewise, both to make connections directly from the place where the news is happening or to offer connectivity services to mobile workforces, it is necessary to have solutions which offer the necessary mobility and flexibility.

BTESA designs and build the most suitable transportable solutions, Mobile Units equipped with the necessary technology to transmit live signals, either installed on vehicles or in flight-cases (“Fly-Aways”).