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Project Description

NICAM & FM Audio Encoder and Modulator uses the base band Analogic audio inputs (mono and/or stereo) and generates all the sound carriers employed for digital stereo sound in Analogic TV broadcasting.

  • Digital Encoder Modulator in 19” Chassis, 1 U high, suitable for any TV transmitter
  • NICAM-728 QPSK and simultaneous Mono FM Generator
  • Switches manually or automatically between mono, stereo or mono bilingual using the information provided in line 16th of video signal (VPS signalling)
  • 2 Audio Inputs (one stereo or two mono). Optional 4 audio inputs
  • Suitable for any TV standard, different Digital Pre-emphasis generated accordingly
  • Sigma-delta converters for audio sampling, up to 24 bits equivalent resolution with 32 ksamples/sg sampling rate
  • External programmer to check and modify parameters
  • LED monitoring
  • Sub-D connector for Alarms and controls