National TV Network in Colombia

///National TV Network in Colombia
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Project Description

In 2014 BTESA was awarded with the Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of the 2nd Phase of the public nationwide DVB-T2 network, for 7 stations as well as electrical systems and civil works (such as tower reinforcement) required for this purpose.

As a special requirement, the project included the SNMP Network Management system, for transmitters, IRDs, Gensets, UPS, including transmitters installed in 1st Phase (not BTESA brand). BTESA developed its own SNMP NMS, specially conceived for broadcasting networks, and integrated all third party equipment

In 2018, BTESA was awarded with the 4th Phase of the same public nationwide DVB-T2 network, this time for 12 stations, including antenna systems, electrical systems and civil works.

And as a special requirement this time, coverage of each station was checked with drone measurements.


Project Details