LTD Series – HIGH POWER Transmitters – LIQUID Cooling

LTD Series – HIGH POWER Transmitters – LIQUID Cooling 2022-04-28T13:29:14+00:00

Project Description


  • Liquid cooling
  • Hot-plug Modules
  • High Efficiency Doherty.
  • All bands: BI, BIII, UHF
  • All standards : DVB-T / T2, ISDB-T / Tb, ATSC / ATSC 3.0, PAL / NTSC, possibility of Dual-Cast Analogue/Digital

BTESA design has many standout features:

  • Electrical system Protections
    • Large mains input voltage range (± 20%)
    • Robust TVSS protections at transmitter input and also at each amplifier input:
    • Power factor > 0.95.
    • Option for full redundancy of Power supplies at each amplifier
  • Logic control unit Protections
    • Hardware backup for the logic control, so that the logic control unit can be removed even in operation and the transmitter will continue working safely thanks to the hardware protections.
  • High Efficiency
    • Wide band or narrow band Doherty
    • Pumps and fans with temperature controlled speed
  • Easy maintenance
    • Easy access to all components.
    • Integrated Test bench for amplifiers.
    • BTESA designs and manufactures all the circuits and modules of its transmitters, and therefore can guarantee the availability of spare parts through the lifetime of the equipment.
  • Liquid cooling system protections
    • Redundant pump, possibility to switch periodically between the two pumps
    • Independent control unit for the liquid system
    • Monitoring of temperature, flow meters and pressure sensors
  • Local and remote monitoring
    • Colour Touch-Screen and event log.
    • Remote monitoring and control though webserver or SNMP