Maintenance RTVC

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Project Description

During almost 2 years, BTESA was in charge of the Management, Operation and maintenance of the whole Radio and Television network of the Colombian public television (RTVC), composed of 35 main FM&TV stations, 201 secondary FM&TV stations, 7 AM stations, 6 radio studios and the central headquarters (satellite uplink, headend, teleport, TV studios and Radio studios)

Although BTESA is used to provide maintenance for the networks that we deploy, this project represented a major step forward, with 3 special characteristics

  • It comprised an existing network with equipment from many different suppliers
  • It was not only maintenance, but also management and operation, so BTESA had to take care from spare parts to re-fueling the diesel generator tanks
  • On top of that, stations were located in very remote areas, so a lot of technicians had to be hired to be able to deal with the long distances in a reasonable time.

The project was successful for all involved parties, and BTESA will be willing to take back a similar project if the opportunity arises.

Project Details