NMS Colombia SNMP

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Project Description

In 2014 BTESA was awarded with the Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of the 2nd Phase of the public nationwide DVB-T2 network, for 7 stations as well as electrical systems and civil works (such as tower reinforcement) required for this purpose.

As a special requirement, the project included the SNMP Network Management system, for transmitters, IRDs, Gensets, UPS, including transmitters installed in 1st Phase (not BTESA brand).

BTESA developed its own SNMP Network Management System, specially conceived for TV & Radio broadcasters, and integrated all third party equipment

This multi-platform, presented in an easy visual interface, becomes the most effective tool for the control and management of the main network equipment, such as transmitters, Genset, UPS, IRDs or microwaves among others.

Its multidisciplinary nature allows controlling the network from National Control Centers, regional offices and even from mobile devices as tablets or smart phones, combining management, monitoring and maintenance in a single tool. Several operators have it already !

Project Details