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Project Description





Information is the key to manage and operate your network. Our solution does not just gather data, it helps you to filter it and find the right trends.

  • Integrated solution: All the elements under one single system (supports 3rd party equipment with SNMP)
  • Multi-platform: Web Interface that can be opened from any device.
  • Robust and reliable: Based on dual PSU Linux servers, providing high service availablity.
  • Scalable: License based according to client’s needs. Supports more than 15,000 simultaneous measurements.
  • Customizable: Different dashboards, views and rights per user/group
  • Automation: Programming of automatic action procedures in response to alarms or events.
  • Reporting: Generation of personalised reports and statistics based on operator’s SLAs (different formats supported CSV, HTML, PDF..)


Our Integral Management System is born from the need of our clients to monitor and manage more and more elements, and above all to be able to integrate them in a single tool, even if they are elements of different manufacturers.

BTESA is the only company in the market who enjoys a triple vision of a television network:

  1. Firstly, as the manufacturer of the transmitters, we know the electronics of the core of the broadcast network.
  2. Secondly, as a system integrator, capable of supplying projects which comprise all the equipment in the network, we know the operation of all the equipment (antennas, gensets, UPS, AVR, electrical boards, encoders towers, IRDs) , gateways, …)
  3. And finally, as Manager of operations and maintenance, we know the needs of the operator and how to respond quickly to problems.

From this global perspective BTESA has created its Management System, which is designed taking into account the problems of the equipment which can be integrated in a television network and the specific needs of the operators of these television networks.

Although this tool can be used in several fields, initially it is oriented to broadcast networks, since this is the activity of our main clients and where BTESA has broad experience.

Most existing management systems in the market, are either proprietary from the equipment manufacturer, or are designed for other operators (IP networks, mobile telephony). Instead, our system is broadcast specific. We know how to install and also how to manage a network, therefore we designed the system customized for broadcasters, and we can even anticipate the needs of the operator.

The right monitoring tool to simplify network monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting.

  • Geolocation and visualization at different levels.
  • This helps the operator to carry out much more efficient preventive and corrective maintenance, saving costs and guaranteeing the quality of their services.
  • Access to every equipment Webserver from one place (integrates IP Link)