SmartConnect Gateway V2

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Project Description

SmartConnect Gateway V2

Based on the Multitransceiver Gateway v1 developed by BTESA, we have improved the device implementing IRIDIUM connectivity to offer the possibility of having connectivity worlwide with a workable bitrate. In adittion, we have included an Ethernet connection allowing clients to use it Smartconnect Gateway as a WiFi hotspot, complementing other modems that doesn’t include WiFi fonctionality (such as some Starlink modems).

Maintaining v1 features, the Smartconnect Gateway is a complete solution for real-time tracking, protection and communication for leisure yachts, and it can also be integrated via API into third-party solutions.

It provides seamless connectivity, for fixed or mobile environments, to report both position and long-range sensor data to the client server, and to provide connectivity for all your devices.

It is a hybrid GSM & Satellite communication tracker and the only one to offer this solution in its category including Iridium.

The high accuracy GPS tracker reports continuously position, ground speed, head and time to the Microcomputer. Connectivity is granted by connecting to any 2G/4G+ (5G on demand) Cellular network (multi-operator) – optimizing the data rate if an LTE-M / NB network is present – and, in case of loss of cellular coverage, switching to a low data rate / low consumption polar orbit Satellite network (Kineis/Argos) or, if you have installed it, switching to IRIDUM satellite or Starlink connectivity via ethernet, offering then worldwide coverage including the North and South Poles.

The Smartconnect Gateway is not just a tracking unit, it also allows the connection of multiple wireless sensors such as: flood sensor, temperature and smoke sensor, PIR presence sensor, open door sensor, 220v shore power sensor, DC battery sensor, distress button. The LoRaWAN gateway (optional) provides a long-range (km range in free space) sensor network, connecting to any LoRaWAN compatible sensor. Including the new ocean data acquisition devices Oceano Vox.

The sensors are registered via a webserver so they can be managed using any smartphone, tablet or PC.

It is also possible (optional) to connect a NMEA wireless module, allowing to receive alerts: Engine temp, wind speed, engine speed, depth under the boat and fuel level.

But that’s not all, you can activate the intruder alarm via your smartphone and set up an anchor watch (which sets up an alarm if the boat slips at anchor or if it leaves an area you have defined).

This Smartconnect Gateway is mounted in an IP65 enclosure (plastic or metallic option) with internal batteries (with double capacity compared with Multitransceiver v1) and inbuilt charger. Its waterproof circular connector accepts 12V, 24 V and Solar panel directly.

Finally, the Gateway also performs a WiFi hotspot allowing to manage everything with your Smartphone: sensors, alerts, the Anchor watch and (optionally) to use it as a router to have internet on board (4G+ network, Iridium signal or Ethernet connectivity)

Main specifications of Smartconnect Gateway v2:

  • Satellite modem for IRIDIUM satellite network.
  • Satellite modem for ARGOS satellite network.
  • 2G/4G Modem with standard plastic SIM socket and also ready for e-SIM.
  • Multiconstellation GPS receiver.
  • Multiple DC power Input, DC Sensor included.
    • 12v.
    • 24v.
    • Solar panel connection.
  • Internal 10.000mAh lithium batteries (supporting  around 24h of active operation) with inbuilt charger.
  • LoRaWan pre-configured Sensors Net.
    • Ocean Conditions Smart Sensor
    • Flood Sensor.
    • AC Sensor.
    • Smoke Sensor.
    • Open/Close Door Sensor.
    • Panic button Sensor.
    • PIR Presence sensor.
  • NMEA BUS Data Monitoring.
  • Geofence.
  • WiFi hot-spot.
  • Management by Webserver.
  • External antennas (included): 6 Monopoles (for Iridium Satellite, Argos Satellite, 2 x Cellular, WiFi hot-spot and LoRaWAN) and 1 GPS active antenna.

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