TTD-MC Series: MULTI-CHANNEL Transmitters and Repeaters

TTD-MC Series: MULTI-CHANNEL Transmitters and Repeaters 2022-12-21T09:04:56+00:00

Project Description


New Multichannel Transmitter and Gap-Fillers equipments offer a compact and flexible solution to cover small populations with the best cost-effective and efficiency way.

  • Up to 6 RF channels in one chassis, multiplexer included
  • 5W and 10W output power per channel
  • Transmitters, Gap-Fillers and Transposers modules available.
  • Hot-Plug modules, without affecting the operation of the other channels
  • Hot-Plug common power supply, option for redundant power supply
  • SFN and MFN networks configuration
  • Logic control unit integrated in the same chassis
  • Webserver and SNMP v2 remote control and configuration
  • Adaptative precorrector in both Transmitters and Gap-Fillers
  • Independent monitoring demodulator per channel
  • Powerful adaptative echo canceller allows cancelling echoes up to +22dB above the input signal. The typical attenuation of the main echo is 40dB 
  • Option high selectivity input filters for adjacent channels.
  • Output Power Dynamic regulation to guarantee MER in case of changing conditions (fading input signals)