TTD-SA Series – LOW POWER Transmitters – COMPACT

TTD-SA Series – LOW POWER Transmitters – COMPACT 2022-04-28T13:30:19+00:00

Project Description


  • Compact and adaptable.
  • High Efficiency Doherty.
  • All standards : DVB-T / T2, ISDB-T / Tb, ATSC / ATSC 3.0, PAL / NTSC, possibility of Dual-Cast Analogue/Digital
  • Low power. Integrated exciter
  • 1RU: 1W, 20W, 120W
  • 2RU: 240W
  • Medium power. Independent exciter (1RU additional)
    • 3RU: 450W (+1RU exciter)
    • 4RU: 700W (+1RU exciter).
    • Possibility to add a module to double the power (900W or 1,3kW)
    • Option dual drive: exciter switching unit integrated
    • 6 fans per amplifier module: if one fails, the module will continue working at full power
    • Multi-input power supplies: transmitter accepts 220V, 3x220V or 3x380V
    • Large mains input voltage range (± 20%)
    • Wide band or narrow band Doherty
    • Fans with temperature controlled speed