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We call “Audiovisual” the very broad sector that covers almost any area that uses video and audio without it being for traditional TV or Radio Broadcast use.

The introduction of audiovisual technology has not stopped growing in buildings, companies, conference rooms, etc…

At the same time, the dissemination of content, in what has come to be called “media”, through new channels such as the Internet and social networks, has relocated the main traditional production centers and greatly opened the market. Likewise expanding the spectrum of qualities from top or Broadcast to almost domestic or “amateur”, including a huge range of professional equipment. Content creators for Social Networks increasingly use more professional media.

Companies need audiovisual media in all areas of their headquarters: discussion systems, projection, teleconferences, public address systems… in meeting rooms, common areas, etc…

Parliaments, Assemblies, Senates, etc… discussion, translation and automatic voting systems.