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BROAD TELECOM S.A. (BTESA) is a Spanish company, focused on Research, Development and Manufacturing of RF equipment, as well as on Design and Implementation of “Turnkey Projects”, with a solid experience of more than thirty years in both activities.

Our core activities include:

  • Design and manufacture of a wide range of analog and digital TV transmitters
  • Engineering and System integration and associated services
  • Implementation of turnkey projects
  • Network design and management
  • ISM applications (Industrial, Scientific and Medical).

Besides being a leading manufacturer of TV Transmitters, BTESA offers a complete range of products for television stations, production studios and remote network management systems (NMS)..

The experience gained through dozens of big projects helped our engineers both to improve our transmitters and to learn to choose the best auxiliary equipment, and ensures a smooth project deployment, with a single company to manage equipment and services.

BTESA constantly innovates, having more than 30% of its staff dedicated to R&D, always offering state-of-the-art equipment.

BTESA pays special attention to the quality of its products, accepting them only after they pass stress tests in the most extreme conditions of heat, humidity and surge voltages, to ensure their reliability in any condition.

BTESA exports more than 50% of its products and systems. Our transmitters are installed in more than 40 countries and we have supplied turnkey projects on all five continents. We have an extensive network of agents and distributors to reinforce our international expansion.

BTESA has recently renewed the Quality Certificate (ISO 9001 standard) and the R&D Management System (UNE 166002 standard). All our products have European CE mark. (View all Quality Certificates)

BTESA R&D team of engineers, employing 30% of the staff, is our key asset, combining experts with solid background in all areas necessary to design a amplifiers and transmission equipment: radiofrequency, electricity, FPGA programming, fluid dynamics (cooling systems), electronic circuits, software and mechanical design.

Thus, BTESA is the only transmitter manufacturer that designs and manufactures each and every component in house, from transistor circuit to the liquid cooling system, control logic and RF combiners. Even the power supplies!

The Systems Engineering department incorporates engineers with experience in system integration, installation, training and after-sales support for turnkey projects. Since BTESA recurrently provides this type of projects, including the supply and support of diverse equipment, from transmission equipment to power generation equipment and electrical protections (generators, distribution boards, UPS, voltage stabilizers, ..), the department is composed of a multidisciplinary team with experience in various areas (image and sound, radio frequency, electricity, infrastructures …)

The Factory department employs most of BTESA staff. All circuits and modules are manufactured in Spain, and most of the processes are made at our factory in Leganés, where the final quality adjustment of each module and final equipment also takes place.