MW Transport Networks 2023-11-24T22:45:33+00:00


Microwave networks are still the best system for signal transportation and for communication between fixed points in places where the use of guided means is not possible. The deployment of microwave networks offers significant advantages over other types of line deployments, such as low investment requirements and ease of installation.

However, the design of just a microwave link or a complete network must take into account both the orography, as link terminals must be located over high areas, and the environmental and meteorological factors, which can alter the propagation of the signal.

A microwave network must be dimensioned to guarantee service availability, whether they are used for commercial applications or for critical bidirectional communications, and it must be compatible and able to be integrated with other communications platforms (TV, Radio and stellite headends, broadband connectivity, IoT networks…).

BTESA has extensive experience in the design and deployment of multipurpose radio microwave networks, even in areas with the most adverse conditions, for the transport of TV and radio signals, IP networks for voice, data and videoconference communications for security forces and emergency response, and data networks to provide connectivity and Internet access to remote areas.