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Besides being a leading RF equipment manufacturer, BTESA is a system integrator, providing the following services for broadcasters, telcos, studio production centers, satellite operators and even leading scientific research centers:

  • Turn-key engineering, supply and installation
  • Design and planning of distribution and transmission networks
  • Complete engineering (production, distribution, control and supervision)
  • Project Management
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training
  • After Sales Service
  • Management, Operation and maintenance

Turn-key projects implementation is one of the company’s core activities. To meet customer’s needs, an effective support structure has been established which provides direct access to a wide range of in-house resources.

The process begins with defining the client’s needs and selecting the most appropriate technological solution from the wide range of alternatives that today’s changing technology offers. Our Systems Engineers’ experience and familiarity with products from various manufacturers enable us to obtain the required solution for the system. Prioritising coordination with the client, we share our experience from completed projects with them to enrich the process

We always prepare a detailed design that includes different arquitectures and connection diagrams, allowing our clients to review several realisations of the project before making the final decision

Regardless the size or value of the project, BTESA always implements the processes of certification and validation for all equipment involved in the system. This way BTESA provides the most appropriate and effective way to complete the technical objectives within the established budget.

Planning, management and execution are key responsibilities of the Systems Engineering division to ensure the fulfillment of deadlines considering the different circumstances of each case, country and location.

BTESA’s commitment to quality guarantees that each subsystem is globally certified before delivery. This procedure includes performance control and climate chamber tests to ensure operational performance under extreme temperature conditions. The presence of customers to perform test procedures and factory acceptance tests and traning is always appreciated.

Technical performance is finally checked when commissioning onsite. Training courses can also be organised.

Whatever the value and size of the project is, BTESA can provide with the most suitable solution to meet time and budget targets, taking charge of all responsibilities, from planning to final implementation, going through system design, choosing the right equipment, integration, technical management, training, etc.

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