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IoT (Internet of Things) is revolutionizing the world thanks to its infinite applications. And not only for business and industrial environments, but also to improve the daily lives of people, thanks to the ability to gather, classify and interconnect different devices in a network where all are visible and can interact, collect data and send them to the client for analysis.

But we must not forget that each device has its own protocol, that each one uses its own technology to communicate (4G-LTE, 5G, Cat- M, NB-IoT, LoraWan…) and that each one responds differently to hostile environments.

BTESA’s experience in the world of radio frequency and communications, signal propagation and broadcasting, as well as its ability to develop gateways between different communication protocols and integration into our customers’ platforms, allows us to carry out turnkey IoT projects, from their design and conception, to the presentation and analysis of the data collected at the customer’s premises.

There are thousands of different IoT devices in the market, but since every customer has its specific needs, sometimes not a single existing device can cover them 100%. BTESA has the capability to make customized designs for dedicated IoT devices. BTESA has years of experience designing and developing electronic equipment, mostly under very strict reliability specifications such us RF transmitters for TV or RF amplifiers for particles accelerators. This experience and know how have been used to implement a fully dedicated team to develop different solutions for the IoT world.

This work starts with the customer sharing its concept idea with our team. A first draft solution is developed internally and discussed with the client to confirm that the main functionalities are covered. A prototype (or most usually several different prototypes) is designed and manufactured in order to assess that it works as expected, and also to debug the desig, and keep on improving the reach the desired performance vs. cost that fits the customer’s requirements and target price.

Before the series production is launched, a preseries batch is made just to confirm that the supply chain and manufacturing process work properly to start the mass production.

The fact of having our own factory helps us to test the prototypes, developping automatic testbenches specifically for each designs and check the manufacturability of the pre-series. Climatic chambers are also available in order to check compliance to tough requirements. Of course, manufacturing the series production is done on the same premises, with specialized technicians, teams for adjusting the devices and fully dedicated resources to manage all the production life cycle.

In summary, BTESA is your perfect partner from the very beginning of the idea or requirement to the mass production.

The most significant products developed by BTESA for the IoT market are.

  • Multitransceiver Tracking and Sensors Gateway (SAT & CELL & LORA).
  • Connected Safety Traffic Light (V16).