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BTESA, leader in turn-key solutions that combine RF systems and IP networks, offers its clients the know-how for wireless access network deployments.

BTESA supplies all the network elements and services that a WISP operator may need to implement its network, and carries out the engineering, installation and training work necessary to launch the network from scratch, as well as support after the initial deployment.

  • Business viability study
  • Radio simulation of base station locations
  • WISP network topology proposal
  • Public IP address registration management, as well as AS numbers for routing
  • Supply of PmP wireless access base stations
  • Supply of CPEs for end customers
  • Supply of Home Routers for end customers
  • Supply and configuration of switches, routers and firewalls for the core network
  • Provision and configuration of PtP links
  • Implementation of network management platform
  • Implementation of customer billing platform
  • Fiber optic cabling for core network
  • Network equipment installation work
  • Supply of telecommunications towers
  • Energy systems with outdoor racks

BTESA offers PmP radio access solutions whose technology is capable of working in adverse environments where the use of other technologies would greatly reduce the performance of the WISP network:

  • Highly inferred environments
  • High user density areas
  • Large areas
  • Networks where quality of service QoS is an essential parameter