Red TV nacional en Burkina Faso

///Red TV nacional en Burkina Faso
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Project Description

The Digital TV network designed by BTESA, in cooperation with the Burkinabe authorities, includes the most advanced technologies on all stages of the audiovisual chain, from the channels contribution links to create the multiplex, to the equipment on the broadcasting stations of the first digital multiplex, as well as advanced hybrid energy systems and customized supporting infrastructure. Among the highlights of this project are:

  • Design of the broadcasting network to maximize DTT coverage, proposing different alternatives in number/location/power of the broadcasting stations, and checking on site the feasibility of the locations used in the software simulations.
  • Implementation of 35 Broadcast Centers, including transmitters, antenna systems, towers, shelters, microwave links and or satellite receivers, energy and grounding systems.
  • Implementation of Plug & Play Contribution Infrastructures: links facilitating the incorporation of television channels at very low cost.
  • Regionalization, broadcasting a regional multiplex together with the national multiplex, which consolidate the impact of the different regional cultures present in the country
  • Implementation of the main hub satellite station for satellite distribution of national channels. Including Single Illumination System for DVB-T2 and DTH coexistence.
  • Deployment of IP distribution networks for the terrestrial distribution of regional channels, allowing coexistence with other telecommunications technologies.
  • Deployment of microwave link relay stations with hybrid energy systems: photovoltaic panels and batteries together with auxiliary gensets, minimizing the cost while maximizing the tank refueling period.
  • Implementation of a National Monitoring and Control Center, allowing operation and remote control of the network from the capital of the country.
  • Permanence of expatriate engineers after the execution of the project, providing technical support, to guarantee an effective operation of the network
  • Creation of a technology laboratory for equipment troubleshooting

Project Details