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Project Description

TVRI launched a tender to improve the national TV broadcasting network, supported by KOMINFO (Department of Communication and Information Technology), and trusted in BTESA’s capabilities to provide a turn-key project for 35 locations all over Indonesia (covering 17 provinces), including supply, delivery, installation, training and maintenance of all the equipment needed in a TV station, which includes:

  • TV transmitters from 2kW to 30kW
  • Antenna systems (UHF and BIII)
  • Towers up to 150m
  • Monitoring racks and Program input equipment
  • Diesel Generator Sets
  • Electrical protection equipment (AVR, UPS, Power distribution boards with lighting protections)
  • Microwave links (fixed and portable)

Transmitter power was Medium and High power: from 2kW to 30kW. Air cooling was used for 2kW and 5kW transmitters, while liquid cooling was chosen for 10kW, 20kW and 30kW transmitters

Being a turn-key project, all details have to be taken into account, and therefore, the following services are also provided by BTESA and its local partner:

  • Project engineering and management
  • Dispatch of equipment up to all the remote locations
  • Training both in factory and on site
  • Installation and commissioning of all equipment
  • Final Acceptance tests
  • Maintenance during the warranty period

The first 8 stations arrived to the destination sites at the end of April 2009, and in less than 1 year BTESA will able to complete and put into operation all the 35 sites, showing BTESA’s quick response capabilities.

The country has a very difficult weather conditions (salty, hot and humid) and also very complicated Logistics (jungle, island, mountains). Even then, the complete Delivery time for all stations including transport and was only 18 months

Project Details