Casetas con alimentación solar

Casetas con alimentación solar 2019-02-23T17:32:44+00:00

Project Description

The most complete project that BTESA will finish in 2019 is an example of our integration capabilities: a solution that combines green energy systems with quick-deploy infrastructure

The project for the deployment of the national television network in Burkina Faso includes the supply and installation of all equipment and infrastructures: the national headend with coders and multiplexers, the up-link satellite with 6.5m dish, the satellite receivers at each broadcasting station, DTT transmitters with its energy systems (generators or solar panels), towers, IP contribution networks with microwave links, etc,

21 stations were provided in shelters of 3.5m x 2.3m x 2.56m, with a solar system with photovoltaic panel. The infrastructure for the shelter and the panels were designed to be complementary, so that panels offered shade to the shelter and the footprint was minimized.

The continuity of the energy supply is supported by a hybrid solution: batteries (specially chosen for high temperature operation), complemented with a small diesel generator which avoids using more batteries. According to our simulations the genset should not switch on more than twice a year, so refueling need is very scarce.

For a better after-sales service, we permanently installed at our factory in Madrid an exact replica of the shelter with the solar panels and the electronic equipment, so that if necessary we can duplicate the problem and quickly find a solution.