TDS Series – LOW POWER DAB Transmitters

TDS Series – LOW POWER DAB Transmitters 2023-03-31T20:22:03+00:00

Project Description


Thanks to decades of experience in the design and manufacture of VHF transmission and OFDM modulation systems, BTESA offers to digital radio stations a wide range of DAB transmitters.

These highly efficient transmitters guarantee the best sound quality using the minimum bitrate while offering the necessary robustness for mobile reception in multipath conditions.

Specially designed for SFN networks, thanks to the availability of EDI & ETI inputs, they can be integrated with IP networks, reducing signal contribution costs.

  • Modular equipment with power ranging from 1W to 3.2 kW.
  • Multi-standard OFDM modulation (DAB, DAB+, T-DMB)
  • VHF frequency range (channels 5A to 13F)
  • 2 ETI and 2 TSoIP EDI inputs, seamless switching
  • High Efficiency Doherty with high quality signal
  • Lineal and non lineal precorrections.
  • Modular design to facilitate on-site module replacement
  • Very robust Power supply with surge protections
  • Redundant fans (hot-plug module), temperature controlled speed.
  • DC power input and redundant power supplies configuration (hot-plug) available
  • Remote management via web-server or SNMP, with remote upgrade/donwload of settings.
  • Redundancy 1+1, 2+1, N+R