New patent on AC/DC Power Converters

//New patent on AC/DC Power Converters

New patent on AC/DC Power Converters

National Patent P201930153

Once again, the result of the effort and investment of BTESA’s R&D staff (and in collaboration with the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M)) has culminated in the achievement of a new patent in the field of AC/DC Power Electronics. 

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office has registered the following invention with patent number P201930153: National patent for “AC/DC POWER CURRENT CONVERTER WITH POWER FACTOR CORRECTION, CAPABLE OF OPERATION WITH SINGLE-PHASE AND WITH THREE-PHASE LINES”

This converter (with power factor correction) allows the power supplies to be connected either to a single-phase or to a three-phase electrical mains, which is an advantage for installing the transmitters, as well as for stocking common spare parts for the different equipment of the customer’s network.

This design is already incorporated in BTESA’s line of medium and high power RF transmitters and Amplifiers, which become therefore the amplifiers with the greatest flexibility and robustness in the market regarding power electronics operation and protections.

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