Installation of the longest Microwave link in the world

//Installation of the longest Microwave link in the world

Installation of the longest Microwave link in the world

Radiolink at the edge of engineering

BTESA has successfully commissioned a microwave link between the two main cities in Equatorial Guinea, with 1Gbps capacity, achieving this challenge with cutting edge engineering solutions. This link, over 200km distance, becomes the longest in the world with a single hop. Moreover, being in a tropical zone prone to fadings and atmospheric ducting over the sea, its high availability and data capacity becomes a milestone in microwave engineering.

In a first phase, in 2020, BTESA installed the link between the Bioko Island (Pico Basile) and the mainland (Bata), and during 2021 the city of Malabo was finally linked, thus providing 1Gb/s service between the two capitals (Malabo and Bata), duplicating the existing data service (submarine fiber optics) for redundancy.

BTESA is committed to the development of telecommunication operators in Africa and offers innovative solutions to implement both large and small projects, in this case supporting GETESA’s strategy. Carlos Esono Mikis, CEO of the telco GETESA “We invested lots of effort and resources for providing GETESA the necessary boost to be at the forefront of technology”. Given the growing use of telephony and internet services, GETESA makes strategic investments to provide added value “we are obliged to update not only our network but also our strategy, the volume of data grows every day and we must offer services that adapt to the new requirements of our market”.

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