50kW Prototype amplifier validated by CERN

//50kW Prototype amplifier validated by CERN

50kW Prototype amplifier validated by CERN

The 50kW Solid State amplifier manufactured by BTESA has been validated in CERN’s premises

The amplifier served as a proof of concept for the technology that will be implemented in the 350kW amplifier that enters now into manufacturing.

In 2020, CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research, Switzerland) awarded BTESA the design and manufacture of a 350kW Solid State Amplifier (SSA) at the frequency of 101MHz, to replace existing tube amplifiers.

BTESA’s large experience in the design of high power liquid-cooled amplifiers, the successful references from our customers in the field of particle accelerators, together with an unbeatable technical and economic offer, supported CERN’s decision to trust BTESA.

One of the major milestones of the project was design and manufacturing validation, using a smaller amplifier (a sub-assembly of the final amplifier). Thanks to the modularity of solid state technology, a 50kW amplifier was designed and manufactured, and has just been validated at CERN premises, after exhaustive tests of all the characteristics requested in the tender specifications, such as gain and phase linearity, sustaining full reflection at all phases on a variable short circuit, and a 1000h long supercycle test run.

Before the end of the year, BTESA will deliver the final 350kW amplifier, thus becoming the world’s most powerful SSA with transistor technology.

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