New WISP operator in West Africa

//New WISP operator in West Africa

New WISP operator in West Africa

BTESA supports NETCOM as its technological partner for a Wireless ISP deployment (WISP)

The Mauritanian government faces a decisive phase to democratize internet access throughout the country, for which it has launched several ISP licences, one of them awarded to NETCOM.

Being the initial objective of NETCOM the quick deployment of fixed internet access in the capital (Nouakchott), it needed a preliminary technical study, a good radioelectric design, and above all, robust equipment.

BTESA carried out an initial site survey as a basis for the technical study, where it proposed the best possible locations for the base stations, and the equipment the most suitable for the environment. The Spanish technology of Albentia Systems was selected for the following advantages:

  • Albentia Systems technology has the best solution in highly interfered environments using narrow channels
  • High user density per BS. With no limit in number of users, the BS is capable of handling more than 200 subscribers with excellent performance.
  • Unlike other technologies designed for short distances, BSs can connect with CPEs more than 25Km away.
  • The guaranteed quality of service makes it possible to offer critical services that could not be implemented with other technologies.

In an urban environment, the biggest problem for a licence-free wireless operator are interferences, which generate interruptions and/or reductions on the promised throughput. Albentia Systems equipment is capable of operating in environments with a lot of interference where no other competitor’s equipment would work. In fact, they can work with more than 150 users without any service degradation thanks to its carrier aggregation technology.

Once the robustness of the radio frequency equipment has been ensured, it is essential to take care as well of the electrical power supply and cooling system. BTESA, with large experience in the design and implementation of telecom infrastructures, supplied outdoor cabinets, with a hybrid cooling system (forced ventilation + air conditioning), and with batteries, and with a management system for the cooling and for the charge-discharge of batteries.

BTESA also designed and implemented the core network of the sites and the technical network management, billing and user management platform.

In the following phases, other cities as well as rural areas of the country will be covered. In these last areas, Albentia’s equipment has no competition neither, since it covers users in a long radius, reaching distances of up to 25km from the base station.

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