DAB+ Network in West Africa

DAB+ Network in West Africa 2023-10-07T15:45:03+00:00

Project Description

Project carried out for a national operator in West Africa to provide its first DAB+ network. This project included the supply, installation, configuration and training for the complete End to End chain. In addition a monitoring systeam and 400 DAB+ receivers (4 different models) were delivered.

The new digital radio broadcasting system (DAB+) is specially designed for mobile reception, and offers high robustness against multipath reception. The installation of two DAB multiplexes on VHF channels 10A and 10C will allow the transmission of at least 25 radio channels, offering great frequency efficiency to the operator

BTESA’s Doherty high-efficiency transmitters, in addition to having a 2+1 configuration, provide full redundancy to the network thanks to the availability of seamless switching inputs (2 EDI + 2 ETI).

As a System Integrator with experience in headend and monitoring systems, BTESA designed a system tailored to the client’s needs. Using our experience with different manufacturers, we were able to offer the equipment that best met the specifications but always taking into account certain added technical values.

Below a list of systems delivered.

  • Contribution: Redundant links to feed from 32 remote radio studios. Using both RTP Unicast and Icecast protocols.
  • Encoding and Multiplexing: Using codec MPEG-4 HE-AAC v2 and multiplexing with dynamic text and slates for each radio service.
  • Distribution: Redundant signal distribution to the exciters (2 EDI + 2 ETI)
  • Difussion: 2+1 Tx system, RF combiner, feeder, VHF pannels and tower.
  • Reception: 400 receivers from 4 different models and real time monitoring solutions.
  • Energy and climatisation: 2 Aircon configured as a 1+1 system, UPS and distribution boards equipped with electrical protections.

With the execution of this project, the operator has become the first one to operate a DAB+ network in West Africa.