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///Advanced Communications Mobile Unit
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Project Description

BTESA implemented the project for ILUNION IT Services, the company responsible for the operation and technological maintenance of the emergency service (112) system of Generalitat Valenciana.

The new Advanced Communications Unit “Satcom 2” allows the Generalitat to have coverage anywhere in the territory.

It is equipped with more technical satellite capabilities than the previous unit, to provide broadband internet with VSAT technology or to establish a mobile base station of the Comdes network in those places where a fire is declared and there is no coverage of that network.

Mounted on a 4×4 cab chassis, it centralizes all types of communications and enjoys a large working area with up to 3 operator posts.

BTESA, with extensive experience in the integration of both mobile television units and mobile communication units, customized the design as per the client’s needs.
On the nonskid walkable roof, together with all the safety measures (horizontal lifelines for the rooftop and vertical lifeline cable for the climbing ladder), a careful integration work has been carried out to accommodate without interfering:

  • 2 dish antennas (98cm and 75cm), capable of rotating 360º in azimuth and 90º in elevation, for satellite and VSAT communications.
  • 2 telescopic masts up to 6m, to install a Tetra VHF antenna and a video reception antenna.
  • 1 folding pole of 2m to support an HDTV camera with IR.
  • Other communication systems (WiMAX, VHF air band, GSM2/3/4G/GPS, NGO)

The interior is split into an operation zone and a technical zone, with an efficient distribution of space. Both areas are air-conditioned, each with its own independent air conditioning unit. The comfort of the operators and the thermal and acoustic insulation were managed with utmost care. A large monitor with a multi-viewer allows the operators to show the needed programs and images at their convenience.

On the exterior, one of the sides features a large 3.6 m motorized awning, and a support for the installation of a 50”screen (stored during transport in a custom suitcase) to be able to monitor the operation from the outside.

An alternator, connected to the engine power take-off, has been installed to be able to operate in the absence of an external electrical outlet. Of course, the mobile unit has priority lights and a siren with adjustable tone and intensity. A hydraulic stabilization system has also been installed.

Project Details